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Rozcestník / Signpost

Funkce nabízené rozcestníkem jsou navázány na identitu přihlášeného uživatele. Rozcestník je v současné době dostupný pouze pro přihlášené studenty a vyučující.

The functions provided by the Signpost depend on the identity of the logged-in user. The Signpost is currently available to registered students and teachers only.

Text (C021) Help
K prohlížení textu nemáte dostatečná práva.
Offers for graduates Help

Offers for graduates

Available in Czech language only.

Offers for students Help

Offers for students

Available in Czech language only.

Login into STAG Help

Login into STAG

  • Password change

You can use this form to change your password passwd.utb.cz.

  • Password reset

If you are student (no applicant), you can use this form to reset username and password. New generated username and password will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Problems

If you have problem with login send message to e-mail portal@utb.cz. If you are applicant (ECTS arrivals), to log in use this link. If you have another question (admission letter, accommodation, registration of subjects), please contact international office.

If you have problem with WIFI (Eduroam) write message to e-mail wifi@utb.cz.

STAG access Help

STAG access

  • Browse

In order to browse the STAG data - Browsing IS/STAG bookmark (it is not necessary to login).

  • Work

The activities carried out within the system itself differ depending on the user role – student, teacher. Both user groups have access (after having logged into the system) to their particular data only and thus to the portlets. 
More information on the potential of the STAG portal version including the guidelines is available on the websites of the authors of the system – is-stag.zcu.cz/napoveda.